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Winchester: Jane Austen Tour and Tea

A cidade de Winchester, mais precisamente sua catedral, onde repousam os resto mortais de Jane Austen, tem visitas guiadas, uma delas chamada Jane Austen Tour and Tea.

Traduzo para vocês o texto de apresentação:

Estar ao lado da sepultura de Jane Austen e refletir sobre a vida desta grande autora é uma experiência comovente. Esta excursão feita por guias especializados da catedral inclui informações sobre a vida de Jane e conexões dentro no condado de Hampshire, um passeio pela catedral próxim da casa,  na rua College Street, onde ela morreu e momentos em sua sepultura. O guia irá juntar-se ao grupo noThe Refectory após a turnê, onde a conversa, sem dúvida, sobre Jane Austen continuará. O bilhete de entrada inclui chá ou café e uma fatia de bolo.

Para quem estiver em Winchester neste ano vejam as datas no site Jane Austen 200 – A life in Hampshire. A bela foto abaixo é de uma das laterais da catedral, diferente do que estamos a acostumados a ver.

Winchester Cathedral. foto do site da catedral
Winchester Cathedral. foto do site da catedral
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2 Comentários

  • Tony Grant

    Hi Raquel, I am afraid I can’t read the above post in Portuguese.
    Winchester Cathedral is of course where Jane Austen is buried but that really is a tiny part of its history. It is an example of one the first great Norman buildings built in Britain after 1066.The building you see today took nearly 500 years to build in its present state. It has many Norman parts , you can tell a Norman rounded arch anywhere Ha! Ha!, but it alsoit has a lot of later Gothic architecture. Many famous people from William Conqueror ,William Rufus, Joan of Arc to Oliver Cromwell have strong links to the cathedral. It is worth seeing it for a fantastic piece of architecture and also the rich and varied history it has. If you like Anthony Trollope, it was his time at Winchester Cathedral and also Salisbury Cathedral that influenced his writing of The Barchester Chronicles. Winchester is a great example of a Medieval City that was actually begun in Roman times 2000 years ago. Winchester has a lot to attract the tourist not just Jane Austen. You would love just walking around the streets Raquel. Winchester is the first Cathedral I ever visited probably at the age of five. Southampton, where I was born and bred, is only nineteen miles away.
    Sorry to go on a bit, Raquel, but sometimes Jane Austen overshadows a lot of other things.
    Hope you are well?
    All the very best,

    • Raquel Sallaberry Brião

      Dear Tony,
      it is marvelous to know more about Winchester, go on! I didn’t know about Winchester Cathedral influence on Trollope’s writing. You cannot believe but, I started this week reading Barchester Towers! I saw on YouTube, The Pallisers and I fell in love, but you must be brave to read all them!
      All the very best for you and your family, Raquel

      PS: You can see the The Barchester book cover translation in my Instagram, here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPyIJQzjpw9/?taken-by=raquelsallaberry